8 Pinterest hacks (2020) – Best tips to grow your traffic

Hey guys! We are going to show you how to create pins that stand out and go viral on Pinterest. Here’s you will find 8 Pinterest Hacks for 2020 and the best Pinterest tips to grow your traffic organically. 

If you are a complete beginner you need to understand the basics of how Pinterest works. This is how an established Pinterest account looks, it’s a collection of boards and every board it’s a collection of Pins essentially a collection of images.

In 8 PINTEREST HACKS (2020) it represents how the collection of boards on Pinterest looks like
Pinterest’s boards

Most of the images on Pinterest are linked to an external source: websites or blogs so people can save the article and image for later. Content creators of course what to promote their content by linking on Pinterest in the possibility to gain more traffic

One example of how the create pins and how to gets clicks on pins on Pinterest and increase your blog traffic
Pin with an external link that goes to a website

In this way Pinterest can be considered as a bookmarker that allows you to save your favorite articles in a visual form and save the link to revisit later. 

If you are a content creator, a consumer of content or a website owner and you would like to drive free traffic from Pinterest you are in the right place!  

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The first reason you need to use a business account on Pinterest instead of a personal type of account is to comply with Pinterest Terms of Service. If you are going to use Pinterest for commercial purposes, drive more traffic to your blog or make money, you should use a business account. 


The first thing to do is to speak out and fill the BIO with who you are and what you do. It not only a signal for everyone who wants to know you but it’s also useful for Pinterest to classify you and understand what’s your page is about (Social Media Manager or whatever your niche is). 

In the title and especially in the BIO try to use the keywords related to your blog but don’t forget to mention also your Instagram, YouTube or your website. 


Once you have your boards, make sure to add a board cover. This gives your boards a more cohesive look and makes it clear which boards are yours and which ones are group boards. Write a description and use keywords, locations terms to help people understand what to expect from that board.


One another point to look for is the design of pins, in fact, you need to look more details about the best types of images that can go viral on Pinterest and you need to know the principles behind a pin gets a lot of saves and clicks. 

Most importantly Pinterest images must be vertical, about 80% of Pinterest users browse or mobile version of the platform with an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1:2 but anything longer than this will be cut off on Pinterest and also tall pins have lower distribution on the algorithmic level. 

Pinterest also recommends that your pin size is at least 600 by 900 pixels for the best resolutions on any device. In the recent Pinterest officially guide they even mention as a recommended pin size 1000×1500 pixels which are probably for technological development. Nowadays most of the mobile devices come with screens with high resolutions which means that your small images might look pixeled on Pinterest.   

The image shows the standard of the design of pins requested from the official guide of Pinterest


Many accounts of Pinterest says that you need to publish about 80% of pins of other bloggers and only 20% of our own if you don’t want to look spammy. 

If you are on Pinterest and you represent a business account and you have a website you should create your content as a priority. So probably the best tips is an 80% of your own pins and 20% of others, that’s for Pinterest means that you are a content creator and you can produce A LOT of quality images and you are a resource of the platform.  

BTW, If you are just a beginner, and your site doesn’t have a great variety of content, it can be not good to pin 10 images a loop or about the same topic or blog post. So make sure to find some Pinterest accounts that worth following or popular accounts and save their content to begin! 

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If you do not have so much time to write a blog post but you still want to kill it on Pinterest, infographics are the answer to your lack of time!

Why infographics? They provide visual vehicles in the form of graphic design to simplify more complicated content. Humans are visual creatures and because of this people are attracted to visual elements and if you combined with well-written text, Infographics can be a very powerful tool.

If this didn’t convince you it can help the fact that infographics can be interesting, useful, or entertaining just what the users of Pinterest are looking for. Because of that, they get lots of repins and will drive your board’s traffic faster.


On the 8 Pinterest hacks for 2020 you will discover that your Pinterest traffic is highly related to seasons, holidays, public events and trends. This means that you can grow your traffic by following these trends and planning your content ahead of time. 

People start pinning about holidays and big events 45 days before, in fact, if you post your content a bit in advance your pins will be getting popular and repins. 

Pinterest helps you in this direction and 2-3 times a month the platform will send you an email with these trends and if you do not receive the email, just look at the search bar for “pin search trends”.


Don’t ignore marketing automatization tools especially Tailwind. When we discovered Tailwind platform was a blast and changed our lives and let us save so much time on scheduling on Pinterest. Tailwind is probably best-known as a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it’s more of an all-in-one marketing toolkit.

You can try the first month of Tailwind for free and see how it goes. The scheduling and publishing features are a great time-saver because instead of pinning one pin at a time, you can upload all your content in bulk and then use the Tailwind scheduler to spread your posts at the time and the day you prefer.

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